Windows Game Programming  
 Titel: Windows Game Programming 
 Untertitel: with Visual Basic and DirectX
 Autor: Wayne S. Freeze
 Verlag: Que Publishing, Januar 2002
 Format: 608 Seiten, Softcover, englisch, inkl. CD
 ISBN: 0-7897-2592-4
 Preis: € 44,90
Written for the more knowledgeable Visual Basic programmer or hobbyist, Windows Game Programming with Visual Basic and DirectX presents the fundamentals of game design on Microsoft Windows from start to finish. Based on the author's easy-to-approach framework and source code for an underwater virtual mall, this book introduces essential game programming concepts and the relevant DirectX APIs you need to get started with custom game development.
Although this book relies on the older VB 6 standard and makes no mention of Microsoft's new VB.NET, the text really focuses on the DirectX API, the foundation of graphics and gaming on the Windows platform. The author walks the reader through the steps required to design and code a game, from defining features, to designing 2D and 3D artwork, to implementing a computer simulation in code. There's good coverage of 3D content design with the Caligari trueSpace design tool, which is used to design virtual scenes. Freeze's sample game for a virtual mall starts out simply with basic 3D rendering and gets features like user input, music and sound in subsequent chapters.
Besides a tour of essential DirectX APIs like Direct3D, DirectInput and DirectSound, the author also provides background material on game design concepts like random numbers, simulations (used extensively in computing today) and finite state machines. The heart of this text shows off the design choices made in the author's own case study. By the end, his virtual mall gets enhanced with moving customers, special "cheat codes" and even a popup newsletter that displays game state. Though certainly not the most action-oriented game you'll likely to see, the choice of a virtual mall shows off the power of computer game simulations (like SimCity) to good effect, and also provides an approachable example for getting started with your own creations.
Game programming is legendarily difficult and extremely challenging. This title fills a useful niche by providing an accessible and entertaining introduction to game development without getting bogged down in extensive math (or gnarly DirectX APIs). It's a worthwhile choice for getting started with game and graphics on Windows and VB.
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